I bought a 2015 RiverCat 180, it is big enough for my whole family to go boating or fishing in.  I have used it in the tailrace below TVA dams and it handles beautifully. No excessive rocking or being thrown about like my old boat did.  With the center console I have the ability to move around the boat freely when fighting fish. Love the look on others faces when they see how big the boat is and how easily it can move around in the tailraces. I love this boat!!!! 

James W.

Just got back from my first true fishing trip with my SeaArk Stealth 210. I've always had high end fiberglass boats. I can't say enough about the stability, ride and balance of this boat. We had over 600 pounds up front spider rigging and the boat sits straight as an arrow! 

Lyndon Rumfelt - Indiana

My favorite thing about my SeaArk is passing 40 bass boats on my way to fish the Tailrace, knowing they have no chance of battling the rocks and shallow waters. I am always getting compliments from people here on the highland lakes in central Texas. Fellow fisherman's eyes light up when they see the size and structure of your boats here. Looking forward to giving my current SeaArk to my son soon, then looking to order another MVT. Fish On!!!

Frank C - Texas

I just bought a 2000 2472 Bay Boat and I LOVE IT, it's just right for catfishing or starting my own guide service. I have used other boats but they don't compare, the best is SeaArk by far!!

Tony B.

We have a Big Easy and we are pretty happy. I can fish at night and go tubing and skiing during the day. Plenty of storage and room to lay down when the fishing is slow, or haul 12 people around on the water when we do any recreational boating!!!!!

Brown C.

I love My SeaArk 2006 River Cat 20'.  I fish Delacroix Island Louisiana the area is broken marsh and open bays, salt water heaven. The RiverCat goes where the fiberglass boats only dream of fishing a shallow marsh. BEST BOAT BUILT!

Mark G. - Louisiana

I ordered a newProcat 240 in April 2015. When I went to pick it up from the dealer I was blown away by how beautiful it was! The Black Magic paint scheme has really made my rig a real head turner. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. On the water,the ride is smooth and comfortable. I kept my previous SeaArk for ten years before selling it and ordering this one. When I decide to sell this one and buy a new one, it will definitely be another SeaArk. There's no better aluminum boat on the market......period!

Terry R.

I own a 1652 Crappie with a 60/40 4 stroke Mercury. I bought it because I like to fly fish trout and bass. It's perfect for me. I have already worn out two stick steer assemblies. One tough little boat -rocks, gravel, sand, brush - no holes yet. I had it in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (sheltered bays of course), fished Walleye on Lake Erie, Snakeheads in the Patomic and lots of the calmer waters of the southern Snake River in Idaho. 5 years old, 600 + hrs on the motor. It looks used and abused, but I would not trade it for anything. It is my hunding blind when ducks and geese are in. My grandchildren are growing up in this little vessel. I'm happy happy happy and feel blessed to own it. 

Jim C.

River Cat 20 Center Console115 Mercury We go where we want, whenever we want. All boats have their strengths but the boat we have is just that - STRONG and Tough! We fish Guntersville, Wheeler and Wilson lakes mostly. The boat design has been a ver ygood choice. We go real shallow, hit the ledges and ride back when its the roughest and let me tell you - nobody, in any boat, out runs us when it gets really rough on these lakes! It is capable of fishing on the Gulf and it gets us home. Great Job SeaArk Folks!

Keith S.

I love my SeaArk, best built cat fishing boat on the planet! It's rough and tough and I have really put it to the thest over the last 2 years, with over 500 hours on the motor already.  Thanks for an awesome boat. 

Justin C - West Virginia

I haul a family of four, two dogs and coolers to our cabin in the Susquehanna River every weekend. The river is a mile wide and a foot deep. My SeaArk skims through everything. I've recieved so many compliments on it that I stopped counting.  Best boat hands down. 

Chris S. - Pennsylvania

I've had my 1660MVT for two years. This boat is by far the most solid boat I've ever owned. I love how skinny I can go in this thing. It's used probably 95% of the time on the Ocmulgee River, which is shallow and in places, rocky. It's not a one trick pony though; as I take it red fishing on the coast and it excels in that role too. 

Jeremy B. - Georgia

Our SeaArk is a 1872. It is very stable and was built absolutely bulletproof! We use it hunting, fishing, bow fishing and pleasure! It has changed our lives! We love it like one of the family!

Brandon A. - Indiana

My 2007 RiverCat is everything I wanted in a catfishing boat. Wide, stable on the water, built like a tank and no carpet or wood. 

Matt H. - Iowa

I have bought so many boats over the 31 years of marriage, each time my wife telling me that we need all this other good stuff. Of course, I would say naw we don't need that. After making a trip to Tyler Boats to get something, I saw my first SeaArk Boat and sent a picture to my wife. I then went back to Tyler's and took her to look at it and guess what, it wasn't big enough. So I ordered a ProCat 200 and have been so glad I did, we love it. If I was going do it again I'd order the biggest SeaArk and motor to go with it. Guess you could say it has really spoiled me. Thanks SeaArk, there are none better. 

Doug H.

I have the ProCat 200 that was given away at the first SeaArk Owners Tourney! It is a sweet boat that is fun to fish out of. I have added a few bells and whistles over the years that are just icing on the cake!

Rusty M. - Illinois

I love my SeaArk. When I upgrade, it will be another SeaArk. Mine is stable with plenty of room and built like a tank. 

Justin B.

Love my SeaArk. What sold me on the SeaArk versus others was the flat out quality of the build and heavy gauge aluminum. This is my first SeaArk and should be my last for river fishing. I mainly fish shallow rivers and this seems to be the perfect boat. 

Bill K. - Pennsylvania

I LOVE my 2272 SeaArk! It's a great boat to take the family out in, fish in, hunt out of, and carry piles of camping gear to the sandbar in. Not to mention I'm the envy of everyone who's ever seen it. Heck, my 6 and 8 year old boys talk about when they'll be old enough to take it out with their buddies. I have no doubt it'll still be the same great boat. Thanks for the great product. 

Matt S. - Iowa

I got my first SeaArk a 2072 RiverCat in 2005, the upgraded to the RiverCat Classic in 2006 and, finally I got what I call my dream boat in 2012, a ProCat 240. I've loved every one of mine. Nobody builds a better cat fishing boat!!!

Larry M. - Mississippi

I love the durability. Mine is used on the Potomic River and it can go anywhere. Thanks SeaArk. 

Jeff G.

I have a 2072 V-Pro and love everything about my catfishing boat. Thanks SeaArk for making such a good boat!!

Kyle K.

I like my 1860 because it is extremely durable and you don't need anything expensive to teach youth or catch fish!

Craig K.