Please fill out this form if you have not already mailed in your warranty card included in your Owner’s Manual. If you have already mailed in the card, please do not fill out this form. We already have your information on file. Thank you!
02 ABOUT YOUR DEALER - Based on your buying experience, how satisfied were you with your dealer in each of the following areas?
Convenience of location & hours of operation
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Offered competitive financing/inurance options
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Manufacturer product knowledge
Overall sales reputation
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SeaArk Boats Customer Checklist for Warranty Claims

In an effort to better serve our customers, SeaArk Boats has developed the following checklist to help expedite and more efficiently handle any warranty repairs to your boat.  Please review our warranty to confirm that your boat is covered. If you determine that your boat is covered as stated in our warranty, please follow the steps below to help us best serve you.


  1. A warranty card should have been completed and returned to SeaArk Boats at the time of purchase.  A completed warranty card must be on file with the factory before any warranty work will begin.  The card must include the owner’s name, address and serial number of the boat.

  2. If you should experience a problem with your SeaArk boat and it is within the stated warranty period, please contact the dealer where you purchased the boat for instructions.  If this is not possible, please contact another authorized SeaArk Dealer. 

  3. If it is necessary to return the boat to the dealership or factory for repairs, please remove all personal items from your boat.  SeaArk will not be responsible for personal items left in your boat.

  4. Please remove as much fuel as possible from the boat if the boat has a built-in fuel tank. SeaArk Boats is not responsible for the refueling of the boat to return it to the fuel level of the boat when it was received. 

  5.  For faster service, please have the following information handy before contacting the dealership:


    1. Serial #
    2. Date of Purchase
    3. Boat Model
    4. Engine Make & Model
    5. Records of any prior warranty work 

    6. Photos may be necessary to determine if your boat will need to be returned to the factory for warranty work. 

    7. SeaArk’swarranty states that it is the responsibility of the customer to return the boat to the factory for warrantyrepairs.  SeaArk makes every effort to assist in this cost by         back-hauling warranty boats when possible.

 For more information on our warranty contact an Authorized SeaArk Dealer or the factory.