SeaArk Boats warrants, to the first retail buyer, its manufactured boats built after July 1, 2013, products against hull puncture.  Hull puncture is defined as penetration through the aluminum bottom or side plating caused by collisions with submerged objects, other vessels, or docking facilities during normal use of the vessel. Hull puncture warranty does not include weld failures, frame deformation, or catastrophic groundings.  SeaArk Boats reserves the right to inspect the product at our factory.

SeaArk Boats warrants to the first retail buyer of its manufactured products built after July 1, 2013, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.

Component parts not manufactured by SeaArk Boats, (Bilge, Aerator, DepthFinder, etc.) will be warrantied the length of the respected manufacturer’s warranty.  Paint, Carpet, Upholstery, and GatorHide will be warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Boats used for rental purposes are subject to a one (1) year inclusive warranty.    All warranties run concurrently.  Warranties are not transferable.


The product warranty card shall identify the product by serial number and must be completed and returned to SeaArk Boats within 30 days from the original retail purchase date.  NO WARRANTY CLAIM WILL BE CONSIDERED, APPROVED OR PAID UNLESS THE WARRANTY CARD IS COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO SEAARK BOATS AS PROOF OF PURCHASE.

SeaArk Boats produces boats for recreational use in sheltered waters.  Use of SeaArk Boats outside of sheltered waters may void warranty.

SeaArk Boats produces several models built for commercial use.  These models have a one (1) year limited warranty.  SeaArk Boats will warrant to the first purchaser of commercial models against hull puncture and manufacturer’s defect for a period of one year. Owners shall pay the tear down and repair costs if it is established that the part or parts thought to be defective are not covered by this warranty.  SeaArk Boats reserves the right to substitute models, change colors, specifications, component parts, material, equipment and prices or cease production of certain models at anytime without notice.  Such changes may be made without incurring obligations to equip or modify units produced prior to the date of such changes.  Removal of engines or other equipment not installed by SeaArk Boats prior to repairs and subsequent reinstallation of same after repair is not the responsibility of SeaArk Boats and shall be paid for by the owner.

During the limited warranty period, warranty repairs will be made, without charge by the selling dealer, at the dealer’s store or service facility or by the manufacturer’s election, at its factory in Monticello, Arkansas.  Transportation to and from the manufacturer’s facility will be at the buyer’s expense.  Manufacturer’s election to repair or replace the defective product or replace the defective part is the exclusive remedy of the buyer and is a condition precedent to any legal or equitable action against the manufacturer. Should SeaArk Boats elect to replace the entire boat, the replacement boat shall be subject to the remaining duration and conditions of this warranty and not subject to an extended or new warranty unless otherwise provided for by both actual value of the covered item.  The boat owner will be responsible for all use, launch, towing, storage, and other expenses, loss of boat for warranty services.  All parts replaced under the warranty shall become the property of SeaArk Boats.


The following is not warrantied:

  1. A product which has been modified, repaired or altered without authorization of Manufacturer or by persons other than Manufacturer or altered in any way so as to affect its use and operation;
  2. Engines, out-drives, controls, propellers, engine brackets, batteries or other equipment or accessories, which are not manufactured by Manufacturer whether or not warranted by such other Manufacturers;
  3. Windshield breakage or leakage around windshields, hatches or other aperture;
  4. A product that has been subjected to unreasonable use, tampering, abuse, mishandling, improper maintenance, negligence, improper trailering, alteration, accident, or used for racing, or which has been operated contrary to any printed instructions furnished by manufacturer.
  5. A product which has been overpowered according to the maximum recommended engine horsepower specified in literature or capacity plate attached to boat;
  6. Loss of time, inconvenience, travel expenses, loss of use, haul out, launch, towing, storage charges, or other matters not specifically covered hereunder;
  7. Damage as a result of accident, collision, failure to operate at reduced speeds in rough water, contact with foreign materials, beaching, improper trailering, submersion, unreasonable use, abuse, or tampering;
  8. Corrosion or Aluminum deterioration and damage caused by chemical actions resulting from improper storage of batteries, battery acid spillage, or galvanic corrosion caused by buyer’s dissimilar metal attachments to the boat, stray electrical currents or buyer’s improved wiring of accessories or by use of boat in contaminated waters.
  9. Paint below the waterline when stored in water, the failure to rinse the boat in fresh clear water promptly after in brackish water or saltwater, or the application of antifouling paint;
  10. Damage caused by the acts of God;
  11. Dealer preparation including but not limited to cleaning and final adjustments of alignment in preparing the boat for final delivery;
  12. Deterioration caused by exposure to the elements or the use of cleaners or chemical not recommended in writing by SeaArk Boats;
  13. Trailering damage caused by rollers on trailers, inadequate bottom support, improper adjustment, loose tie-downs, carrying excessive loads in the boat while trailering, and other causes of misuse without limit or by corrosion to hull caused by trailer bunks.
  14. Boats used for commercial purposes limited to a maximum of one (1) year against defects in material and workmanship;
  15. Gelcoat cracks, stars, blisters, or gelcoat fading on any fiberglass component parts.
  16. When any jackplate with more than a 6” offset is used.

This warranty may be altered ONLY in writing by SeaArk Boats and not by a dealership.  Any modification or additional statements concerning warranty by persons other than SeaArk personnel are not the responsibility of SeaArk Boats and should not be relied upon.

Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.  Also, excluded from this warranty are an incidentals or consequential damages including loss of use.  Some states do not allow for the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.  This warranty shall apply in accordance to the laws of the state of Arkansas.

This document contains the entire warranty given SeaArk Boats and there are no terms, promises, conditions or warranties, other than those contained herein.  No oral or written information or advice given by SeaArk Boats, its dealers, representatives, agents or employees shall create a warranty by SeaArk Boats or in anyway increase the scope of this warranty.

All repairs made under this warranty are subject to authorization by an officer of Seaark Boats.

Last updated on 07/01/13