Questions to Ask When Buying Aluminum

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1. Is it all-welded?

    All-welded boats are usually tougher and more durable than riveted boats. All-welded boats also have fewer places where a leak may devolpe. All SeaArk models are all-welded. 

2. What gauge aluminum is the boat?

    SeaArk uses. 100 gauge on our 60" bottoms and smaller and .125 gauge on all of our 72" bottom boats. 

3. Are the caprails sufficient?

    SeaArk uses one of the largest extruded caprails in the industry. The caprail adds strength to the overall boat. Several of our larger models feature an even larger caprail with an outside bumper and accessory track. 

4. How thick is the keel?

    SeaArk uses an extruded 3/16" keel for strength and durability. Some companies do not have a center keel in their boats. This area is one of the boat takes the most abuse on a boat. 

5. What is the floor constructed of?

    Some companies still use plywood on their floors or decks or both. Even marine grade plywood can still decay after several years. SeaArk uses heavy-duty .125 gauge treadplate in all 52" bottom boats on larger boats and smaller models like the 48" boats get .080 gauge treadplate. The heavier gauge helps eliminate "oil canning" or popping when stepped on. These floors are also constructed with risers so they are level. 

6. Is there any wood in the boat?

    As mentioned above, not only do some companies use plywood for floors and decks but in the transom as well. SeaArk uses a durable composite plastic in the transom to prevent rotting and to safeguard against corrosion. This product is also used for all seat bottoms (another area prone to rot if wood is used).

7. What is beneath the floor?

    Not only does SeaArk offer the thickest floors in the industry, the area under the floor is one of the most impressive parts of SeaArk's construction. All 72" bottom MV ribs are over-sized and feature rib doublers on the front four ribs to ensure a good "bite" on the weld. Our C.U.B. model offers doublers on all ribs. Smaller MV's and Vee hulls include one piece of extruded ribs with doublers built in. 

8. Is the boat NMMA certified?

    All SeaArk recreational boats are built to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) standards. This means our boats are not just U.S. Coast Guard approved but go above and beyond those requirements.