Our Craft

Commitment to Quality

SeaArk fish30 years of honing our craft.

SeaArk boats are known for being tough, rugged, and dependable. We strive to make the strongest boat on the market, no matter the size. We want people to know that we truly mean Boats Built for a Lifetime.


  • Heavier gauge aluminum – means for a more durable hull
  • No wood used throughout – never have to worry about floor or transom rot
  • Heavier gauge floors – more stable walking surface and also prevents oil canning or popping
  • Extruded ribs, caprails, & keels – thicker and larger than competitors this helps create the durable structure of the boat
  • NMMA Certified – we build to stricter guidelines and create a safer product
  • Hull design – we offer ten different hull designs that crate the perfect performance and ride for each model and application
  • Semi-customization – no cookie cutter boats here. Choose from our many available options to create the perfect layout for you

Our boats are created one at a time by our team of hardworking men and women. We know what is at stake when you choose our product. By incorporating overbuilt, heavy-duty materials, and hand welds, we create a boat we can stand behind and one that you enjoy being in.